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Wear the Music, Handcrafted Sound Wave Imprinted Jewelry

The Shop is closed temporarily while the new site is being built.
If you'd like one of the pieces of jewelry that's for sale
on the site, please email me.


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Summary of Designs

Sound Wave Imprints
Design 1 : Whataya Want From Me (Song: WWFM)
Design 2 : Intro Guitar Solo, Whataya Want From Me (Song: WWFM)
Design 3 : All We Need in This World is Some Love (Song: If I Had You)
Design 4 : Yeah, You Make Me Wanna Listen to Music Again (Song: Music Again)
Design 5 : Scars, Make Us Who We Are (Song: Outlaws of Love)
Design 6 : I Will Be Chasing Your Starlight, Until the End of My Life (Song: Starlight)
Design 7 : My Life, You Electrify My Life (Song: Starlight)
Design 8 : Soaked to the Bone (Song: Soaked)
Design 9 : Better Than I Know Myself (entire song!) (Song: Better Than I Know Myself)
Design 23 ~ Hey, Tears All Fall the Same, We All Feel the Rain, We Can't Change (Song: Outlaws of Love)
Design 24 ~ Welcome to my world of truth, I don't wanna hide any part of me from you (Song: Underneath)
Design 26 ~ "Thank You Glamberts, I Love You" (Interview)
Design 27 ~ "F@#% You," context: "Anybody that tells you no, tell them F@#% You" (Music Box Concert)

Artistic Designs
Design 28 ~ Our King : A Celebration

RETIRED (March 1, 2014)
Design 10 ~ Trespassing (Entire Song)
Design 11 ~ Vocal Intro [Trespassing]
Design 12 ~ Make Their Faces Crack CRACK, There's No Turning Back (Song: Trespassing)
Design 13 ~ I Don't Need No GPS, to Show Me Where to Go (Song: Trespassing)
Design 14 ~ I'm Cocked & I'm Ready to Go (Song: Cuckoo)
Design 15 ~ Walk That Walk Like You Don't Give a Fuck (Song: Cuckoo)
Design 16 ~ I Feel Like I'm Having a Meltdown, I Feel Like I'm Losing Control (Song: Cuckoo)
Design 17 ~ Funky Synth'd Intro (Song: Shady)
Design 18 ~ No I Ain't Broken, But I, I Need a Fix (Song: Shady)
Design 19 ~ 'Cause I'm Feeling So Shady Lately [pant pant] (Song: Shady)
Design 20 ~ Vocal Intro (Song: Never Close Our Eyes)
Design 21 ~ Take. It. Off. [giggle] (Song: Naked Love)
Design 22 ~ Come On, I Want Your Naked Love (Song: Naked Love)
Design 24 ~ 6 Different Sound Wave Imprints (Song: Underneath)
Design 25 ~ Adam Lambert vs. Queen Mixmash (Entire Song)

RETIRED (End of Year 2014) | Out of Retirement Sept 2015
Design 28 ~ Our King : A Celebration

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Custom Designs Gallery : Commissions, Custom Designs, Gifts... a showcase of collaberation, heart, and fun. Also, create a Custom Sound Wave Imprinted piece of jewelry for yourself or as a gift.


If you're unsure of what necklace length you want, here's some information: Necklace Length. Bracelet length info is there, too!

Please read the FAQ & Policies before placing an order.


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