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Wear the Music, Handcrafted Sound Wave Imprinted Jewelry

Sound Wave Imprinted Pendant
Sound Wave Imprinted Pendants

Detail of Sound Wave Imprinted Pendant
Sound Wave Pendant Detail

Wear the Music, borne originally out of my love for Adam Lambert's music, brings jewelry to life, linking artful expression and metals, all the while seeking to retain one of my inspiration's gifts: invoking love and deep passion.

Wear the Music's unique Sound Wave imprinted jewelry artistically presents a visual representation of the sounds you love, whether it be the music you listen to or music from those around you (your child saying "I love you!"). Stay connected through touch to the sounds you love.

In addition to the Sound Wave imprints, Wear the Music offers 'Life's Music' Pieces and Custom Designs that put you in the co-pilot seat. For the Sound Wave imprints, it is important that each design makes a statement that is as aesthetically pleasing as the music itself. At packaging, a wee bit of love in the form of glitter is sprinkled atop each piece because sharing the love is what life is all about!

I work with .999 Fine Silver (pure Silver), Bronze, Copper, and Steel.

A beautiful keepsake. Footprints or handprints forever imprinted in metal. This piece is 'Kadin's Gift. His footprint, a memorial.'
Custom Footprint in Copper

Each piece is individually handcrafted. One at a time.
Extraordinarily unique. And beautiful. Just Like You.

~Paula Long
Owner, Designer, Handler of Really Cool Metals, General Artist[e], Fierce Mama.
And Adam Lambert fan.

The Shop is closed temporarily while the new site is being built. If you'd like one of the pieces of jewelry that's for sale on the site, please email me.

If you're an artist looking for the "Metal Clay + The Silhouette Cameo: The Comprehensive Guide..." and/or The Etching Tool, that portion of the site is active (click on "artists" at the top of the page).

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