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Payment Methods . Sales Tax . Shipping

Payments Accepted: Visa, Discover, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, Diners Club

Also Accepted by Mail: Checks drawn on US Banks & US Postal Money Orders

All payments processes are protected by SSL (lock at the URL to show data is being encrypted). No credit card data is stored on Wear the Music’s computers or servers.

Wear the Music accepts credit cards through the Stripe payment processor in a secure environment. Checks from US banking institutions and US Postal Money Orders are also accepted. Payments must clear prior to work starting or orders shipping. Checks that do not clear will incur a $35 fee.

If you are ordering items For the Artist that are hosted on Gumroad.com, all major credit cards and PayPal are accepted there. All payment processing is done on Gumroad’s secure site.

8.25% will be charged on the total (including shipping) on all orders shipped to Texas.

Because shipping costs and options vary, they are calculated during the checkout process. You will have access to full shipping options once you begin checkout by entering your location information in the box provided.

Jewelry & Art ~ US : Includes insurance and tracking.
Jewelry & Art ~ International : Includes insurance, delivery confirmation, and a $2 handling fee for customs paperwork.
Some countries are not listed at checkout because insurance coverage for them isn’t available or the country doesn’t allow jewelry to mailed in.

For the Artist ~ US : Includes insurance and tracking. Insurance is not included on items sold on Gumroad.com.
For the Artist ~ International : Includes insurance, delivery confirmation, and a $2 handling fee for customs paperwork.

Important Note
Taxes, duties, fees, etc. are the customer’s responsibility. Mailing receipt, customs form, etc. constitutes proof of mailing. Wear the Music is not responsible for damage in transit, loss, non-receipt, or non-delivery by shipping carrier nor for the actions of Customs. Please do not purchase for an international delivery if you feel delivery is not safe or if the items are not allowed entry into your country via postal delivery.

Order to Shipment Time

Shipping notifications will be sent via email. All orders will be processed in the order received.


In Stock
Your order will be prepared, packaged, and mailed from 2 business days to 1 week.
Out of Stock
For pieces not currently in stock, Please allow 1 to 3 weeks for your order to be made and shipped (although I do try to get orders out within 2 weeks).
Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Designs
Please allow 1 to 3 weeks after your final approval for your order to be made and shipped (although I do try to get orders out within 2 weeks).
The approximate availability and shipping dates are noted on the item’s page.


In Stock
Your order will be mailed within 3 business days.
Out of Stock
Items out of stock cannot be ordered until they are back in stock. Please check back periodically to see if stock has replenished.

Metals . Materials

With rare exception, the jewelry and art I make are made with a medium called “metal clay.” This medium is not really a clay as it contains no real earthen clay; it is, however, a mixture of metal, organic binders, and water that form a clay-like substance just waiting to be molded into something unique and special. Once the material has been formed,, it is fired in a kiln (at temperatures of up to over 1800°F). It is then off to the bench for finishing work and assembly. This process is what gives each piece its unique look!


This is a list of metals that are usually used in the jewelry and art offered for sale at Wear the Music:

Fine Silver | Precious Metal ~ 99.9% Pure Silver
Tarnishes very slowly (unlike copper-based Sterling), is a fairly soft metal and can be “bruised” and dented if dropped or banged (treat with kindness!), contains .001 trace metals. It is very rare for anyone to have an allergy to those .001 trace metals.

Bronze | Base Metal ~ a mixture of Copper & Tin
I mostly utilize a particular Bronze that resembles 10K Gold but I use bronzes that also contain different copper to tin ratios for different looks/colors.

Other metals that may be used:

Sterling Silver | Alloy ~ 92.5% Pure Silver + 7.5% Copper or 92.5% Pure Silver + 7.5% Argentium (slow to tarnish!)
What you normally purchase when purchasing silver. Harder than Fine Silver, but quick to tarnish, unless Argentium is used in place of Copper. I would only have Argentium Sterling available in cast pieces.

Copper | Base Metal

Steel | Base & Nonferrous Metal
I use this metal only for certain pieces as it is difficult to work with. It does look similar to Silver and thus is a less expensive alternative. I protect steel from possible rust by soaking it in olive oil.

White Satin | Base Metal ~ Bronze & Iron
This metal is similar in look to steel but is much easier for me to work with.

If I make use of other metals, they will be noted on the piece’s description in the shopping pages.


Leather Cording
Wear the Music uses only the finest in leather cording, made from the highest quality hides. This results in the softest of cording. Our supplier is the only company using certified lead free dyes in all their leather. In fact, the leather is also certified to be free of AZO’s, PCP, Mercury, Formaldehyde, Chromium VI, Cadmium, and other carcinogenic/hazardous chemicals.

As with all fine leather, your leather cord can dry out and get dirty. You may use a good leather cleaner and oil to keep it in pristine shape.

The different chain offerings are noted on each item’s page and are described in the “NeckWear” section of this site.

A variety of metals for clasps, ear wires, jump rings, and other connections are used and, if necessary, are noted on the item’s description.

Order Process : Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Designs

In the Shop are various Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Designs you can choose. When you want audio not offered elsewhere in the Shop extracted into a Sound Wave and have it imprinted onto a piece of jewelry, you’ll order from this area. The jewelry shapes offered in this area work well with sound wave imprints. Please note, however, that because each sound wave graphic is different from any other, there will be slight modifications to the final shape and size of the piece I make specifically for you.

You’re going to submit via an email form (on the “Contact” page) the audio you want captured on your very own Sound Wave Imprinted jewelry/art. You’ll need to provide the audio, and I can extract audio from videos, also. If you’re able, please edit the audio or video to as close as possible as to what you want. If you’re unable to do that, submit the entire bit of audio/video and tell me in detail what you’re wanting (see more about this below). If you’re recording some audio/video yourself, make sure you capture clean audio (that there’s not a lot of background noise, white noise, fuzz, buzzing, etc.).


  1. Go to the “Contact” page and find the form titled “Custom Sound Wave Imprints,” and fill out the form. Be sure to type in the specifics of what you want captured from the audio (a starting and ending time along with the lyrics or words or sounds wanted will be helpful; I’ll email you with any questions if I’m unsure what you’re wanting).
  2. Upload 1 to 2 audio files that contain the audio you want to use in as your Sound Wave Imprint. If you want to submit video or more than two or large audio files, you’ll upload them to DropBox or MediaFire and then submit the link on the form.
  3. When the form is filled out completely, submit the form. It will be sent to me via email. If I have questions about the exact audio to extract, I’ll send you an email.
  4. I will extract the Sound Wave from the provided file(s) and email the resulting graphic to you along with any notes (this graphic is of the sound wave only and is not placed on any jewelry or art design at this point); this graphic will have a File Name included with it that you will need to include with your order (it will also be in the subject line of the emails);
  5. Once you approve the graphic, it’s time to place your order!


  1. Go to the Custom Sound Wave Imprints category in the Shop and purchase one (1) Custom Design Fee for each different Sound Wave Imprint you’ll be using on a piece of jewelry or art. Examples:
    • One or more of the same piece of jewelry or art with the one (1) Sound Wave Imprint : Order ONE Custom Design Fee
    • Two pieces of jewelry (same or different pieces or styles) with two (2) different Sound Wave Imprints : Order TWO Custom Design Fees
    • Two or more pieces of jewelry or art (same or different pieces or styles) with two or more (2+) different Sound Wave Imprints : Order the same number of Custom Design Fees as you have different Sound Waves
      In other words, you may order as many as the same Design using the same Sound Wave as you’d like without paying the Custom Design Fee again; however, if you’d like the same Sound Wave imprinted onto a different Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Design, you will need to pay the Custom Design Fee again as adjustments to the Sound Wave and the piece of jewelry or art must be made.
  2. Go back to the Custom Sound Wave Imprints category in the Shop and now select the design(s) you want for each Sound Wave Imprint.
  3. Make the additional selections for that design: Metal Type, NeckWear, NeckWear length, if you want the piece sealed or not, and complete the fields about what you want on the back of the piece (please allow me artistic license in the design of the back text as I have limited room there).
  4. Enter the File Name for the Sound Wave that I provided you earlier with your approved Sound Wave graphic.
  5. Repeat these steps for each piece of jewelry/art you’re ordering.


  • Custom Design Fees are NOT refundable, even if you choose to not complete the process/order.
  • Once your order is placed, design work will begin.
  • Once I’ve finished the design, I will send the graphic representation of the jewelry/art to you for your approval. If you approve the design, I will begin work. If you do not approve and have changes, there will be no charge for very minor changes, and additional Custom Design Fee charges for moderate to extensive changes.
  • Once you provide the final approval for the graphic representation of your jewelry/art, work will begin on your piece. The work involved at this stage is pre-firing finishing work, firing, post-firing finishing work, applying patina (coloring) if applicable, packaging, and finally, shipping!
  • If you choose not to continue the process after being presented the graphic representation of your jewelry/art, I will refund all monies paid towards the piece (the piece’s cost, sales tax (if applicable), and shipping charges). However, there are no refunds on Custom Design Fees.
  • Once you approve the graphic representation and work begins, there are no refunds for any Custom Jewelry and/or Art.
  • Please read the section titled “Copyright . Right to Offer for Sale” before placing any Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Designs.
Guarantee . Refund . Repairs

If you have any questions prior to placing your order, please contact me (see “Contact” in the Menu at the top of the page)!

Important Note
Sound Wave imprinted jewelry does not actually play music. Sound waves are visual representations of audio captured by software which can then be manipulated.


Guarantee Against Defective Workmanship and Materials
I hope you will get great pleasure from each piece and will cherish your jewelry and art for a long time. I provide a guarantee on the workmanship of jewelry and art I have created as outlined below. “Receipt” is determined by shipping tracking or, if not shipped, the date of delivery or pick up.

If your jewelry or art breaks in the course of normal and usual wear, I will repair or replace the item or you may return the item for a refund as noted below. Please contact me immediately with details about any defects so we can discuss the best course of resolution. If you choose to have your item(s):

Repaired/Replaced : within 30 calendar days of receipt
Once the item is returned, I will repair or replace at my discretion and return it to you. Please allow up to 2 weeks for the item(s) to be shipped back to you.

Returned for Refund : within 15 calendar days of receipt
Once the item has arrived, I will promptly issue a refund less original shipping fees. I do not accept returns for refunds after this time.

Exclusion : Findings (clasps, bails, jump rings, ear wires, chain, cord, necklaces, etc.)
Because each person handles their jewelry differently, findings can be stressed beyond their normal limitations. Due to this, findings are excluded from the Guarantee. Furthermore, Wear the Music is not liable for any damage or loss of jewelry and/or art from broken or damaged findings. Please inspect your findings and jewelry closely for wear and tear and damage and cease wearing until repairs have been made. I will repair or replace, at my discretion, any damaged findings for a nominal fee (usually $5 to $20). Upon receipt of the returned item, I will send an email with the cost to repair and an invoice will be issued for the repair cost, return shipping, insurance, and tracking that must be paid prior to return of the item. I can usually give a firm cost for the repair if you email me with a description and a picture of the item prior to returning the item.

Exclusion : Custom Design Fees . Custom Designs
Payments for Custom Design Fees and/or any Custom Designs are not refundable simply due to the fact that they are custom work.

Please see the section titled ” Order Process : Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Designs” to understand the process for creating these works.

If your jewelry or art needs to be repaired due to breakage or damage from dropping, repeated bending, scratching, cutting, etc., please use the Contact Form to send a description and picture of the damage (if possible). Although it’s sometimes difficult to assess repairs this way, I should be able to provide you with an idea of the cost (materials & labor) prior to your returning it. Note that upon my receiving the damaged piece, I may find that more extensive repair work is needed than the original assessment. If that is the case, I will contact you with the costs. Once payment for repairs has been made (materials, labor, and shipping), I will make the repairs and return the piece(s) to you. If you choose not to have the repairs made, you will be sent an invoice for return shipping costs.

Alterations to Patina (Coloring) : $10 (simple) | $20 (complex)
Alterations (changes in color; i.e., from red to black) and Repairs for scratches or where color has been rubbed off. I can quote you a firm price if you will contact me with the issue prior to returning your piece(s).

An invoice will be sent with the total (includes shipping, tracking, and insurance) and must be paid before work will commence.

If You’re Just Not Happy
If you’re just not happy with the item you ordered, you may return it as long as the return package is postmarked within 5 business days of receipt. The item must be contained in its original packaging, unworn, without any damage or alterations, and all materials included in the original order (except packing slip) must be included. If anything is missing upon arrival, the refund will be held until the rest of the materials/items are received, for a maximum of 30 days, at which time, no refunds will be issued (to have the item returned to you, you will be invoiced for return shipping and insurance).


  • Place a note in the package with your name and full address and Wear the Music’s address along with your Order Number (from your packing slip). That way, if the package gets lost or damaged, there is information inside the package that can help it get back on track.
  • Track and insure your return package to protect it during shipping.

Once I receive the item(s), I will refund the original purchase less the original shipping fees.



Guarantee Against Defective Workmanship and Materials

Instructional Guides
I want you to feel you received great value for your purchase. If you are unhappy with the content of any of the downloadable instructional guides, please email me within 15 business days of receipt, and we can discuss options. No returns after 15 business days of purchase.

Physical Goods – Retail
Items are supplied by vendors. Although I check the quality prior to providing it to you, there exists the possibility of defects. I will gladly replace any defective items within the first 15 calendar days after receipt (per shipping tracking or, if not shipped, the date of delivery or pick up). The replacement will be shipped to you once the defective item(s) are returned. No refunds.

Wholesale Accounts (coming soon)
No refunds, exchanges, or returns. Please order a sample prior to ordering in bulk for making good purchase decisions.

Shipping for Repairs, Refunds, Exchanges : Let’s Do This the Right Way

  1. Package carefully and appropriately (use similar packaging as the item was sent to you)
  2. Tracking is now included on all US to US packages, so no need to purchase!
  3. Purchase insurance
  4. Address packages to “Wear the Music” and send to the address shown on the Statement/Packing Slip in your original order. If you no longer have this information, please contact me for the return address.
  5. Please write your order number on the outside of the package if you have it. It makes for easier management.

Wear the Music will not issue refunds for items damaged or lost in transit in either direction. All shipments from Wear the Music are insured; therefore, a claim must be filed and repairs/replacement will commence once the claim is settled (time varies depending on the insurance vendor I utilize).

Jewelry & Art Care

All pieces should be treated as any other art object and worn with care. Each piece of jewelry and art comes with a Care Card. When jewelry is not being worn, it should be placed in the provided zip bag and stored back in the provided jewelry box or in another safe place.

Please feel free to contact me if you need any assistance with your jewelry or art.

How Jewelry and Art is Protected

Renaissance Wax is used to protect all metal from tarnish and oxidation. Pieces made with steel are the only exception, and steel is protected with an olive oil dip.

About Renaissance Wax

  • Developed for use on the British Museum’s priceless antiques and is Preferred by museums worldwide for protecting furniture, leather, marble, paintings and metal;
  • Acid neutral, water and alcohol resistant;
  • Special blend of micro-crystalline waxes will not stain or discolor with aging;
  • Prevents tarnish and corrosion by creating a barrier to dirt, fingerprints and moisture; and
  • Non-staining, non-abrasive, and it cleans beautifully by lifting oil, dirt and the murky buildup of other polishes.

If you choose to purchase some Renaissance Wax from Wear the Music, you will be provided a very small amount in a screw top plastic container as a little goes a very long way. Directions: Use sparingly, rub lightly, and buff to a hard transparent finish. Buffing can take place immediately after application. If additional coats are desired, allow the prior coat to cure by letting it sit for a few hours before the next coat’s application.

Some coloring is applied with heat/flame or metal chemicals and may change color over time, even under the wax.

If you choose not to re-apply the Renaissance Wax after it wears off (depending on your wear habits, it may take a long time), most metals will oxidize (tarnish) and will turn a variety of colors when exposed to different elements, including your skin. You may also react to Copper in some metals and your skin may turn color. This is normal and not harmful, and the color will wash off your skin with soap and water. Use a professional polishing cloth (offered for sale on the site) to clean and remove oxidation/tarnish from any piece.

Steel Jewelry & Art

Jewelry and Art made in Steel will be soaked in Olive Oil to protect against rust and tarnish. Rest assured your piece(s) will not be oily or greasy! You can re-soak your piece(s) periodically (when to do so is dependent upon how often your steel pieces are subject to water, humidity, chemicals, and various other elements).

To re-soak Steel in Olive Oil:

  • Clean your piece(s) with soap and water and dry thoroughly (a hair dryer will provide thorough drying).
  • In a small dish, pour enough Olive Oil to cover the piece(s) you will be soaking.
  • Place the piece(s) in the Olive Oil and allow to soak for a couple of hours or overnight (longer is not necessary).
  • Remove the piece(s) from the Olive Oil and gently blot off the excess with paper towels.
  • With a clean, soft cloth, buff the entire piece. This will remove any remaining surface oil.
  • Wear!
Copyright . Right to Offer for Sale


Wear the Music reserves all rights granted to the ownership of the following copyrights:

  • All jewelry and art designs, including the Sound Wave graphics themselves;
  • All photography and other marketing material produced;
  • All videos produced, whether for marketing or instructional guides;
  • All books, articles, ebooks, and other written materials; and
  • The design, layout, copy, photographs, etc. contained within any of Wear the Music’s web sites.

In addition, neither graphic artwork generated or any resulting work (i.e., final jewelry or art) created by Wear the Music or on behalf of Wear the Music may be copied or replicated (i.e., tattoos, posters, logos) without express written consent and compensation. Please inquire if you’d like to use any part of Wear the Music’s designs.


Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Designs
Wear the Music reserves the right to offer any sound wave graphics from audio readily available to the public (music, spoken word, etc.) in the Shop as a non-custom offering, even if it’s been previously ordered as a Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Design. Readily available does not include personal audio, meaning something you’ve recorded personally and would only be meaningful to you (your child saying “I love you,” personal wedding vows, and other such personal recordings), and these types of Custom Designs will not be available for sale to anyone else.

Necklace & Bracelet Length (Adult)

Necklace Length

If you’re unsure of the length you want, find a necklace in the length you want for your Wear the Music piece and measure it from one end to the other (including the clasps).

Here are some common lengths for an “average” sized woman:

  • 16 inches : choker length
  • 18 inches : at collarbone
  • 20 inches : a few inches below the collarbone
  • 22 inches : at or above neckline
  • 24 inches : below neckline

Bracelet Length (Adult)

Bracelet lengths are measured end to end, including the clasp. The easiest way to determine your bracelet length is to wrap a string around your wrist and then measure the string. Add one inch to this measurement to determine your bracelet length.

The usual range for adult sized bracelet lengths is 7 to 8 inches, or up to 9 inches for those with a much larger bone structure.


Discounts are offered on the same piece, multiple quantities on the same order. The discount will be applied in the shopping cart and applies to both Stock Offerings and Custom Sound Wave Imprinted orders (the custom design fee is not discounted). These discounts are perfect for social groups, bridal parties, families, etc. who want the same piece for multiple people as well as stocking up for gift-giving.

  • 5 to 9 : 10% discount
  • 10 and up : 15% discount

This is a demo store for testing purposes — no orders shall be fulfilled. Dismiss