Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Design Instructions

In the Shop are various Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Designs you can choose. When you want audio not offered elsewhere in the Shop extracted into a Sound Wave and have it imprinted onto a piece of jewelry, you’ll order from this area. The jewelry shapes offered in this area work well with sound wave imprints. Please note, however, that because each sound wave graphic is different from any other, there will be slight modifications to the final shape and size of the piece I make specifically for you.

You’re going to submit via an email form (on the “Contact” page) the audio you want captured on your very own Sound Wave Imprinted jewelry/art. You’ll need to provide the audio, and I can extract audio from videos, also. If you’re able, please edit the audio or video to as close as possible as to what you want. If you’re unable to do that, submit the entire bit of audio/video and tell me in detail what you’re wanting (see more about this below). If you’re recording some audio/video yourself, make sure you capture clean audio (that there’s not a lot of background noise, white noise, fuzz, buzzing, etc.).


  1. Go to the “Contact” page and find the form titled “Custom Sound Wave Imprints,” and fill out the form. Be sure to type in the specifics of what you want captured from the audio (a starting and ending time along with the lyrics or words or sounds wanted will be helpful; I’ll email you with any questions if I’m unsure what you’re wanting).
  2. Upload 1 to 2 audio files that contain the audio you want to use in as your Sound Wave Imprint. If you want to submit video or more than two or large audio files, you’ll upload them to DropBox or MediaFire and then submit the link on the form.
  3. When the form is filled out completely, submit the form. It will be sent to me via email. If I have questions about the exact audio to extract, I’ll send you an email.
  4. I will extract the Sound Wave from the provided file(s) and email the resulting graphic to you along with any notes (this graphic is of the sound wave only and is not placed on any jewelry or art design at this point); this graphic will have a File Name included with it that you will need to include with your order (it will also be in the subject line of the emails);
  5. Once you approve the graphic, it’s time to place your order!


  1. Go to the Custom Sound Wave Imprints category in the Shop and purchase one (1) Custom Design Fee for each different Sound Wave Imprint you’ll be using on a piece of jewelry or art. Examples:
    • One or more of the same piece of jewelry or art with the one (1) Sound Wave Imprint : Order ONE Custom Design Fee
    • Two pieces of jewelry (same or different pieces or styles) with two (2) different Sound Wave Imprints : Order TWO Custom Design Fees
    • Two or more pieces of jewelry or art (same or different pieces or styles) with two or more (2+) different Sound Wave Imprints : Order the same number of Custom Design Fees as you have different Sound Waves
      In other words, you may order as many as the same Design using the same Sound Wave as you’d like without paying the Custom Design Fee again; however, if you’d like the same Sound Wave imprinted onto a different Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Design, you will need to pay the Custom Design Fee again as adjustments to the Sound Wave and the piece of jewelry or art must be made.
  2. Go back to the Custom Sound Wave Imprints category in the Shop and now select the design(s) you want for each Sound Wave Imprint.
  3. Make the additional selections for that design: Metal Type, NeckWear, NeckWear length, if you want the piece sealed or not, and complete the fields about what you want on the back of the piece (please allow me artistic license in the design of the back text as I have limited room there).
  4. Enter the File Name for the Sound Wave that I provided you earlier with your approved Sound Wave graphic.
  5. Repeat these steps for each piece of jewelry/art you’re ordering.


  • Custom Design Fees are NOT refundable, even if you choose to not complete the process/order.
  • Once your order is placed, design work will begin.
  • Once I’ve finished the design, I will send the graphic representation of the jewelry/art to you for your approval. If you approve the design, I will begin work. If you do not approve and have changes, there will be no charge for very minor changes, and additional Custom Design Fee charges for moderate to extensive changes.
  • Once you provide the final approval for the graphic representation of your jewelry/art, work will begin on your piece. The work involved at this stage is pre-firing finishing work, firing, post-firing finishing work, applying patina (coloring) if applicable, packaging, and finally, shipping!
  • If you choose not to continue the process after being presented the graphic representation of your jewelry/art, I will refund all monies paid towards the piece (the piece’s cost, sales tax (if applicable), and shipping charges). However, there are no refunds on Custom Design Fees.
  • Once you approve the graphic representation and work begins, there are no refunds for any Custom Jewelry and/or Art.
  • Please read the section titled “Copyright . Right to Offer for Sale” before placing any Custom Sound Wave Imprinted Designs.

Custom Sound Wave Imprints

  • Indicate the type of files you're attaching. You may send several files for the same sound wave if you're not sure which audio is better. If you're wanting different sound wave imprinted pieces, you'll be sending "different" files. Only audio may be sent via this form (video must be provided via a DropBox or MediaFire link).
  • Maximum File Size is 2MB.
  • Maximum File Size is 2 MB.
  • If you have 1 or 2 files that are 2MB or less each, you can send them via this form. If you have multiple files, the file(s) are too large, or you have videos, you can provide a DropBox or MediaFire link.
  • Please enter the entire URL (address) of the link.
  • Provide as much detail about the audio that you're wanting to be represented in the Sound Wave Imprint along with any other information that would be helpful.
  • Enter the text shown (to prove you're not a robot trying to send me spam or icky stuff)

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